Even animals need compassion and kindness!

Even animals need compassion and kindness!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

North Vancouver - Finish Ambleside Park - Oct 29

A press release went out to all the media and animal shelters in Vancouver. I told Dorit before she dropped me off that no matter what happens I was really glad she was here.

It was a rainy day and while I was running across the Lions Gate Bridge the visibility wasn't that great. Although it was still a great feeling crossing the bridge I couldn't see much of the view because of the weather. I told myself again that no matter what happens when I get to the park it has been an amazing journey and I did the best I could and I can go home feeling good about that.

Once I got to the otherside of the bridge I took the trail leading to the park. I passed a number of people walking their dogs. I took a few deep breaths and then my destination point was in sight. Dorit was the only one standing there. In the few short minutes it took me to reach Dorit so many thoughts went through my head. I felt bad that Dorit had flown in to be here and there was no one from the Vancouver media. I find it hard to believe that animals aren't viewed as important enough. I'll be dissappointed later but right now I just wanted to enjoy touching the ocean water and finishing a very long run. However small, I can build on the little successes from this journey. It really is an incredible feeling to live out a dream.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Mitch !! You should be so proud of your accomplishment, you did it on your own with all the prayers of your family and friends keeping watch over you.

Welcome back home.

Jackie & Elton