Even animals need compassion and kindness!

Even animals need compassion and kindness!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ottawa - Oct 30

A heart warming home coming.

Dorit had an early flight so we were up and at the airport before daylight. We said our good-bye's and would get in touch again later in the week. I had some time to kill before my flight left so I went for a coffee and just watched the people come and go.

On the plane it felt a little like being in shock. Nothing was really registering in my head. My body feels like its just waiting to kick into running mode again. My brain thinks it should still be focusing on one mile at a time. My mind is relieved that we're on our way home but my heart is full of mixed emotions. I'm a bit sad that its over but excited to have finished.

I thank God for taking me on this amazing journey and for putting so many wonderful and kind people in my path because without them I wouldn't have made it. I'm grateful for the media that took an interest and helped inform people about whats happening to our cats and dogs. I thank all the animal shelters I had the opportunity to visit and for sharing with me what life is like at their shelter and for their support. I thank all my family and friends and everyone who followed my blog for their words of encouragement and support. It should be a testimony to everyone that our animals need our help and we all need to speak out for them.

The time on the plane seemed to go by fast. We landed and I headed for baggage pickup. To my surprise there was about 30 familiar faces waiting at the bottom of the stairs. I couldn't believe it! The excitement hit me like a ton of bricks. It was such a great feeling to see everyone. It made my day and it was good to be home again. Thank you everyone for taking this amazing journey with me. The fight for our pets is still on and will be ongoing. I think there is a book in the future full of drama, adventure, truths, frightening moments, comedy, laughter and tears. Check back soon!


Anonymous said...

Tylar and I are here and sure wish we were there with you.
You have a great flight home and if you can, call us before you get to vancouver or when you get to vancouver.
Love you and well, words cannot say!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Wish I could be with you at the finish line!!!!
Char and family

Anonymous said...


You are my hero! God bless you!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Michelle!!!I knew you could do it. It was so nice meeting you in Clarenville, NL. I have been following your trip and know it must be a big relief to be finished. Way to Go!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mitch!!! Congrats girl, you did an amazing thing. Thank-you for doing what you did.
Char and family

Barb, Tracey & Leny said...

You are fantastic Michelle!!! We wished that we could have been at the finish with you. Shame on the Vancouver media for not responding...but we all know how hard the fight is. Take a well deserved rest and we will look forward to a book.

Julia said...

I'm so disappointed about your lack of reception in BC, but I'm so incredibly proud of your accomplishment. Way to go M!

And I know this is only a beginning...

Ginger said...

My husband and I have been with you in spirit all the way, eagerly awaiting each update to your blog, and are thrilled that you completed your mission safely. We were very worried about you on the treacherous roads in B.C. We would love to read more about your adventures and see photos documenting your run across Canada. We are very proud of you!

It would be great if the media across Canada would run your story again to publicize the cause and to remind readers of what you endured on behalf of creatures who need our help. Perhaps you or a collaborator could write a press release to submit to the media electronically, including information regarding how to donate money to the cause. You and the animals deserve much more publicity than you have received so far!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Michelle,

That was a truelly amazing journey you embarked on and completed. By the sounds of this blog, you have touched many lives across Canada. You should be incredibly proud of yourself.

Take care,

Denise Bogart