Even animals need compassion and kindness!

Even animals need compassion and kindness!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Vancouver - Oct 27

Today was a very exciting day. I was looking forward to reaching Vancouver city limits. Dorit was flying in later and would be picking me up.

I got onto the Fraser hwy and took it all the way to the King George hwy. There was so much traffic and lights. A couple of areas were a bit sketchy and I passed a few shady characters, a few that I thought might follow me. The Skytrain was impressive and I thought it might be fun to go for a ride. Maybe tomorrow. Crossing over the Fraser River was exciting and scenic. The Kingsway got me to Boundary Rd. and thats when I knew I had made it. One side was Burnaby and the other side was Vancouver. I felt like I should jump up and down or something but I really didn't know what to feel. I was more numb than anything. Maybe because there was no one to share it with or maybe I've just been out here too long. Maybe I'll feel differently when I see Dorit. I called her from the Starbucks and she had just landed and would pick me up in about 45 minutes. I waited in Starbucks for awhile and my brain wasn't really processing much. It was kinda like shock I think. When I saw Dorit I got a little more excited. I got in the car and it didn't really seem real. Even when we got to the motel it still didn't register. I guess it will just take some time.

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